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New To PHP Coding, Advice Needed!


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Hello Everyone,


I want to create my own Mafia game such as, "Infamous Gangsters" have i come to the right place


Basically im new to PHP coding and i want to know a list of things before i start to learn


1.) Does it cost to create a website such as: Infamousgangsters.com?

2.) How long does it take to learn PHP coding before i have enough experience to create one?

3) Does anyone have any useful documents on PHP coding which i can read to learn basic knowledge?


Many Thanks,


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hello, i have never heard of "infamous gangsters", but I assume its a web based turn type of game.


This will most likely require the following: html (xhtml) for display, CSS for styling, PHP or another server language such as ASP for security / server handling, javascript (jquery) for client side language real-time response, AJAX (jquery API) for client to server real-time response, SQL (one of the RDMS) for data storage. These are the basic necessities for a multi-function website.


now to your questions:


1. yes it costs money, you will need to purchase a domain name and web server(s) to host the site.


2. depends on the person really, but you should make sure that you have a firm understanding of most, if not all aspects of PHP before attempting to program a web site.


3. can't get any better than the documentation by the group that created PHP.. http://us2.php.net/tut.php and http://www.php.net/manual/en/. There are also good resource books out there that focus on certain aspects of PHP.

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Thanks for responding,

1.) How much does it cost for a domain?

2.) is there any basic scripts of any mafia games which i can look at?


1.)Depends on where you buy the domain, what kind of domain etc.

check out http://www.godaddy.com


2.)Most likely, just google it.


Im not a fan of godaddy, as most programmers will agree I believe. Their hosting is cheap for a reason, their VPS is poorly configured, customer service is not good either.

There are several that I recommend, depending on your needs, these are not in any specific order.


Shared Hosting:


1. hostgator

2. bluehost

3. dreamhost




1. hostgator

2. sloarvps

3. 1&1

4. liquidweb




1. 1&1

2. netrack

3. inmotion

4. rackspace

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GoDaddy is horrible.  Avoid them like the plague.


I tend to use ICDSoft.  Decent price (~$7/month) with great features and no down time.


And, just realize that becoming competent in web programming, especially if you have no prior programming experience, will take time.  Don't expect to be up and running in a month.

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