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Best way to handle double quotes? "How?"


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I think I may have done it. I'm used to massaging strings to input into mysql, so I was probably overdoing it.


When updating the DB, I first run the string through fnTick:


function fnTick($string) {
$string = str_replace("'", "''", $string); 
return $string;


This takes care of the single quotes (or apostrophes) for my SQL statement. The db removes the second single quote for me - thanks, db.


UPDATE mytable 
desc = 'My test string here is "tester" test "quote" test''s',
name = 'This is "test''s"  ''test'' working "tester" test "quote" test''s Here''s another line "quote" '
ID = 737


Note that the values for the db fields are delineated by single quotes (desc='string in here'), so I only need to double up single quotes ' ', so actual double quotes, or quotation marks, are passed through without a problem - I don't need to worry about them going INTO the db, but I do need to fix them coming OUT of it. I first tried doubling up both single and double quotes as suggested, but mssql retains double double quotes ("") - it only filters out double single quotes ('').


Once it's in the db with the correct double and single quotes, I have to be careful when pulling it out and displaying it in HTML. So, when I read from the db, I run all user strings through htmlspecialchars:


function fnUnTick($string) {
$string = htmlspecialchars($string, ENT_QUOTES, 'UTF-8');
return $string;


Sure would be easier if all dbs had some other way to delineate their SQL - something like <mssql>select from...</mssql>



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Even if you prepare a statement, you still have to fix your apostrophes in the preparation. The delineation issue is more of a PHP puzzle than a db one.


No you don't.  If you use a prepared statement (properly) you don't have to do any kind of escaping what so ever.  When you do a prepared statement the data is sent separate from the query so there's no chance it will get mixed together and cause problems.


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