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Remove the last comma


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Hi All,

I'm sure there is an easy solution for this but I am unable to find it.

I am new to PHP and after a little help...


the via data is stored in a database in this format... |51.105166,-1.695971|51.011055,-2.1068|50.945233,-2.617664||||


I'm trying to find a way of loosing the last comma if there are 1 or more entries, any ideas guys.




What I'm getting is :

var points = [{location: '51.105166,-1.695971'},{location: '51.105166,-1.695971'},];


What I'm after is:

var points = [{location: '51.105166,-1.695971'},{location: '51.105166,-1.695971'}];



if($via != null){
echo "var points = [";
foreach($via as $point){
if($point != ""){
echo "{location:";
echo " '".$point."'";
echo "},";
echo "];\n";

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You'd better do it in another way. The more accurate (and more compact) code is the next

if($via != null)
foreach($via as $point)
if($point != "")
if( count( $points > 0 ) )	
  echo "var points = [".implode( ',', $points)."];\n";

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I have a question for you. If you also believe that it should be done another way, and I'm sure you've seen that OP is trying to learn that better way, why did you give him/her the bad answer?

What is wrong in my answer? Endorphin tries to create a list of comma-separated values. His task was to remove the last comma. Am I right? And I show the way how to create a string without comma at it's end. Do you agree? OK, again - where my answer is wrong?


Even if he would like to use multidimensional array, he can use my code. He just need to change it a little.

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Your answer is right, it's the best way to build a string like that without having a trailing comma that needs to be removed. I'm just saying that using something like json_encode(), which is for situations exactly like this one, is better.

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