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Weird Google Analytics Filter on my clients site


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Does anyone good with regular expressions understand what this is saying? (Google Analytics Filter) :wtf:


(see attached img)


It seems to me that it says Exclude traffic from just http://thissite.com (the main domain we're tracking)- but if there is more after the .com, I think it would show the traffic. Also see the empty drop down box? I'm not sure what effect that has on  analytics. Anyone have a clue what this filter would do? This analytics install has been running for years and nobody seems to have questioned this. The site gets lots of traffic and there is nothing OBVIOUSLY wrong with it.


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Hmm, I didn't even notice that. It might be a migration issue from a long time ago. I didn't even notice that this was a simple filter - which usually don't take regex.


In any case, like I said "exclude traffic from the domains" is going to be your hostname. Some companies have a hostname set for their domain, others have their ISP's hostname (e.g. *.rr.com would be road runner, a common cable-based ISP.)


I don't see the harm in updating the filter to the proper format, or really removing it.

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