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PHP - Update XML File - Re-Save As XML File


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I have an xml file that I require to search and locate tags / data to update an modify, and re-save as an xml file.


For example:

Locate <DeliveryStateCode>NT </DeliveryStateCode> and replace with <DeliveryStateCode>NT</DeliveryStateCode>


There could be many records within the xml file using the <DeliveryStateCode></DeliveryStateCode> tags.


Otherwise, if there is a solution to just remove the space at the end of the data- <DeliveryStateCode>NT </DeliveryStateCode> throughout the xml file within the <DeliveryStateCode></DeliveryStateCode> tags, that would work aswell.


Been having trouble figuring this out.


Look forward to hearing some responses, and thankyou in advance :)

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Removing trailing spaces? Do you want to do it with all tags or just certain ones?


If the former then a (gasp) regex on the file contents would be easy:

>(\S+([ \t]+\S+)*)[ \t]+

Replace with $1.


Otherwise pull the XML into memory with SimpleXML (or DOMDocument if you must), search for the tags, trim() the contents, and write the XML back out.

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You know what? I suspect this is just a one-time thing. It'll be quicker and easier to use a regex: it'll does what you need and will preserve any formatting in the file.


Use preg_replace to replace




(and to anybody watching: yes, I could have used assertions, I just don't use them out of habit)


You can use file_get_contents to read the file and file_put_contents to write it back out.

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