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finding out what z-index are used


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You normally use a z-index of 0, unless you manually specify anything else. Which means that they'll stack based upon their order in the DOM, with the first element being at the bottom. So I'm not quite sure why you'd want to find out what's already in use.

Normally you'd just set the z-index of the container to a positive value, and then set the z-indices of the children elements to the values needed to achieve the desired stacking order.

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like i've told you before, if you've set it manually, it'll be visible through something like firebug.


However, displaying something over a modal defeats the purpose of the modal.  Also, if you set the modal parent's z-index, every one of it's children becomes +1 to the value you've set.


But if for some reason you'd like a toolbar (or other random element) to be over the modal, then be sure to set it's value higher than the modal.  You're writing the CSS, so you should know it's value anyway.  And if you get lost, just give it a look up.

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