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Custom Built Computer


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They all look compatible to me.. Quite a beefy (albeit expensive) computer though.


Wouldn't have hurted to post what each link goes to by the way. The most important link is the motherboard and you have it as the fourth one down.



You may want to get a CD/DVD drive as well if you want to put an OS on it. ;) Although I'm sure you omitted it because, well, any kind would be compatible... just pointing it out though.

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I've just bought this on behalf of my girlfriends little brother, it arrived the day before yesterday, I was surprised that it was actually legit at that price, but the spec checks out, no wireless NIC tho. Maybe give them a go unless you REALLY want to build it yourself, although you will almost definitely end up paying more; it's just too hard to compete with companies that can bulk-buy components and put a computer together dirt cheap.



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