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Php Dont Send Meils


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i have a php form that recolect data form users and send some emails... i have no problems with that, but the part is drive me crazy its that as i show in the below example of my code only the last 2 mails are sent.. the first 2 not!!

i been tried no quites, single quotes, double quotes... no use the first 2 mails are not sent.. only the last 2.. whats wrong?? php mail function dont accept variable names in the '$to' parameter??... the echo lines at the end i wroted so i sure the variables have the vaue wich its true... pls.. some one help in this!! :-\ :'(













mail('$meil2',"VELEC 2012, Resgister succced!","{$datav}","From: info@velec.com");

mail('$jobmeil2',"VELEC 2012, Register succed!","{$datav}","From: info@velec.com");

mail("george.scott@stet.com","VELEC 2012, new customer has register !","$data_cust","From: info@velec.com");

mail("support@stet.com","VELEC 2012, new customer has register !","$data_cust","From: info@velec.com");



echo $meil2;

echo $jobmeil2;


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"php mail function dont accept variable names in the '$to' parameter??"


Yes it does, I use it.

For testing, try hard coding dummy values and/or get rid of one of the parameters. If the simple hard code works it may mean that your format is wrong.


mail('$meil2',"VELEC 2012, Resgister succced! $datav","From: info@velec.com");




mail('$meil2',"Test Title", "Test Body", "From: info@velec.com");

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floridaflatlander: Variables will not be parsed when inside single quotes, an "$meil2" is most definitely not a valid e-mail address.


The single quotes may be his issue, I just copied and pasted his code, changed the title & message and did't see that. But as I under stand it, $meil2 is a variable like $to so it should be ...


mail("$meil2","VELEC 2012, Resgister succced! $datav","From: info@velec.com");




mail("$meil2","Test Title", "Test Body", "From: info@velec.com");



Hey Katyna, before you do all this change your code to


mail("$meil2","VELEC 2012, Resgister succced!","{$datav}","From: info@velec.com");

mail("$jobmeil2","VELEC 2012, Register succed!","{$datav}","From: info@velec.com");


and see what happens

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No, quotes around single variables are not necessary at all. That's the same as writing 0 + # + 0 every time you want to write a number.


This is the proper way to write it:

mail($meil2,"VELEC 2012, Resgister succced!",$datav,"From: info@velec.com");
mail($jobmeil2,"VELEC 2012, Register succed!",$datav,"From: info@velec.com");


Which is exactly what wigwambam posted in the first reply to this thread.

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