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  1. Anyone tried Tonic? The docs seem very lacking. A friend suggested I check it out for a project he needs help on, but I thought it was pretty... Lacking.
  2. I spoke too quickly, I did get the email. Thanks again
  3. Woot! Figured with the new forum I might as well switch it up I didn't get a password reset email though, is the new software different in that regard?
  4. I'd like to change mine to Jessica. The current user with the name Jessica has 1 post but it's not visible. http://forums.phpfreaks.com/user/23296-jessica/ If you do approve the change to the existing name, will my account keep all of my old posts? If not I don't want to do it. Thanks.
  5. Maybe the image is broken - is it in the same folder as the file? Don't use dreamweaver, you're making it harder for yourself to learn in the long run.
  6. variables start with $ $vTakeout is a variable. vTakeout is a string literal. Turn on error reporting to ALL, and you'll get a better error for that.
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