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  1. Did you stop the process through Xamp? When you shut down your computer it should stop.
  2. Anyone tried Tonic? The docs seem very lacking. A friend suggested I check it out for a project he needs help on, but I thought it was pretty... Lacking.
  3. Way to ensure you won't get my help again. This is why I don't usually write actual code for people. They act like assholes even when you give them what they want. Bite me.
  4. So you do have several other users you're following. Try the other query I gave you in place of yours.
  5. Also in the longrun you'll want to switch the order of your JOIN and probably just use INNER. SELECT description, needsusername, datesubmitted FROM needs INNER JOIN follow ON follow.followname = needs.needsusername AND follow.username = 'Your username here'; Is what I think you'll need based on your posts.
  6. You do still need to limit that query to your follows. In phpmyadmin or mysql command line run SELECT * FROM follow WHERE username = 'Put your username here'; - what do you get?
  7. You don't need the table alias when you print the row. Print_r($postrow)
  8. Oh and by the way - I don't come here to "help" ungrateful whiny babies. So stop acting like a child and remember this is a FREE Help forum. (For the record, if someone paying me spoke to me in such an ungrateful manner I'd fire them, so I especially won't put up with it from someone I am donating my time to.) Grow up.
  9. You can't mix mysqli and mysql. You need to use the mysql version of the error function when you're using a mysql connection instead of mysqli. However, you did actually fix the syntax error, so good job. You still need to specify what column to do your join ON, but otherwise good.
  10. It has nothing to do with that.
  11. You're the fastest reader I've ever seen! OR there's no way you read the post, implemented proper error checking and got the actual error.
  12. You have a syntax error in your query. Read the link in my signature on debugging SQL.
  13. You want all the users you follow right? Right now you select all the users in your SQL, but your PHP only pulls the first row. Then you do ANOTHER query to get that users posts. You're doing the same thing you were before. Do only ONE query.
  14. Specify what columns you join on. If you're going to use table aliases make them make sense. a and b are meaningless. You also should be using a primary key ID instead of the username. Username should only be stored in the user table, everything else should use their user id. You are running one query to get a user, and then selecting the information for that ONE USER. You need to do just ONE query joining the two tables only limiting it to the logged in user, not BOTH users.
  15. Never do queries in loops. Join the two tables, and use an ORDER BY clause.
  16. We have an hour for lunch. Leave work, 60 minutes. Get to the restaurant, now you have 50 minutes. Get seated, order, now you have 35 minutes. Get your food/drinks, now you have 25 minutes. 15 minutes to eat, pay, and leave. There's no way someone can have a drink and be okay to drive, in the amount of time we have for lunch. (When we do group lunches we tend to take 1.5 hours but still.)
  17. I like them fine (most of them ) but I'm not going to drink alcohol with them. I also don't think it's appropriate to have a drink then go work. Drinking is for relaxing/celebrating, and if you are able to do your work properly after a drink, what was the point of the drink? Just have a soda. Not to mention the drinking & driving issue.
  18. I don't get the drinking at lunch, let alone drinking with coworkers.
  19. Oh I agree but also you do have the capability to make changes in your life to make it overall better. Like I said, I just feel better when I stand, and if that's the only benefit it's worth while. I'm not seriously worried that I will DIE because of sitting - but I know when I stand, I am overall healthier. Make sense?
  20. One of the guys in our office rigged up some boxes to hold up his monitor/laptop/keyboard. If not an option, you can try it at home when you use your personal computer. If you look on lifehacker.com there are lots of articles about ways to make a standing desk. Next up, the treadmill desk.
  21. Which article did you read? I just linked to google so I have no idea which one you looked at. You can try doing a few hours at a time. If you work from home, just put your laptop on a kitchen counter or something. You do want to find the right height for your arms to rest at the right spot for typing. What almost everyone in my office but me does is they have a bar stool type chair to take sitting breaks. It didn't take me long to adjust. Wear supportive sneakers. The only thing that ever hurts for me is my feet if I wear bad shoes.
  22. @Philip - Are you drinking too much water, or enough water? Drinking too much water can kill you sure, but most of us are under hydrated. I drink 4L a day. Most people drink closer to 10-12 oz. Drinking too much water is not a risk the average person is dealing with. Whereas most people are sitting for 12+hours a day, which yes, kills you. Sitting too much is a risk that almost everyone has. Everything has risks, but the fact is almost everyone on this board is at risk of spending too much time sitting down. I doubt many people here are at risk of drinking too much water. I've lost 25 lbs since I made some changes which included standing. I feel amazing. I'm sure part of it is the standing, I feel icky when I sit for long periods. I also feel ancy when I don't get a run in every few days.
  23. https://www.google.com/search?q=sitting+kills+you
  24. Why would I get a backache? And I don't even understand the rest of the question, you damn Brit.
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