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  1. You can either run the query in the SQL tab, or just use the command line instead of MySQL.
  2. Desc is a reserved word. Surround it with back ticks or change to a better name.
  3. Change it in your PHP.ini http://php.net/manual/en/mail.configuration.php
  4. What is a hook sign? Are you talking about the favicon?
  5. Did you try looking for the number 3, and changing it to 4 or 5?
  6. You will have to use an IDE meant for development.
  7. He's got 99 users but a hacker ain't one!!
  8. No. Whatever you're doing you are going about it in the wrong way.
  9. If you don't have it set to zerofill it won't show.
  10. As for the why: its just wrong to use tables. It might work, but its bad practice. It makes it harder for people using screen readers. An analogy might be using "txt spek" to write a term paper. Can you be understood? Yes. Is it correct? No.
  11. If you don't want people to be able to browse to the file, put it outside of the document root.
  12. I spoke too quickly, I did get the email. Thanks again
  13. Woot! Figured with the new forum I might as well switch it up I didn't get a password reset email though, is the new software different in that regard?
  14. I'd like to change mine to Jessica. The current user with the name Jessica has 1 post but it's not visible. http://forums.phpfreaks.com/user/23296-jessica/ If you do approve the change to the existing name, will my account keep all of my old posts? If not I don't want to do it. Thanks.
  15. Knock it off. Read the rules.
  16. Alternatively, you could use a regex on the entire form. That would work in PHP and may be the solution.
  17. in jQuery it would be $(".labelelementvalue").innerHTML(); Look up the jQuery docs if you need help getting started using jQuery.
  18. So when they label it, you are saving that label somewhere. You would just retrieve it from your storage. If you're saving their custom form as one big element, you should be breaking it up into each individual element and saving it in your database in a relational manner.
  19. This is the same problem you were on before, right? How does the information get into the <span> in the first place?
  20. I have the same question as smerny. I know how you would do this but only using jQuery, so unless you want to use that I can't help, just curious why?
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