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I must admit I don't have any php knowledge at all. But I do know how to edit HTML and run a website so now I'm trying to add the free linkex script from http://linkex.dk/ to my website wich should only be a copy-paste but of course that didn't work. (yes my webhost supports php) (half of the source code was visible when running script in browser)


Now I tried to run the code here and still got the same errors...





I really don't get that. It's probably just some " or ' missing somewhere but as I said, I'm not exactly php expert.


I would love it if someone could help me out here.


Thanks a lot!

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I know it must be a bit confusing but can you please read my first post again and follow the links. Download the code (1 php-file in notepad) copy code and paste it to the second link i gave (online php tester)


It's showing errors all over the page. Wich i find strange since it's freeware download so it should work fine.


Unless I'm doing something wrong, but it's only copy & paste so that can't be it :)


So I'm asking if someone want to take a quick look at the code available at linkex.dk and tell me how to fix the errors so I can use it :)




>> If someone could help me with a working LinkEx code that would be great too of course :)



An exact working copy of the script can be found here: http://eurobellen.nl/linkex/


I've been looking all over the web and the only thing close enough was linkex.dk but it doesn't work for me :(

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