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How Do I Get $Salt When It's In The Config.php File?


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I know this is a really basic question, but I'm still a real php noob. I want to move $salt to the config.php file, but I'm not sure how to call the variable correctly so the page can use it.


I tried this:

$salt = loadSaltFromConfig();


I'm assuming that I need to declare loadSaltFromConfig somewhere, but I'm not quite sure what that would need to be.

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I'll try that again :-) I thought that should be the case, but when it didn't work I figured I must be doing something wrong ;-)


Just to make sure that I'm not missing something


I'm declaring in config.php $salt = "XYZ"; // 10 digit string.


Then if I've created a connection to config.php in the other file I can just use it like this:

'".sha1($salt + $_POST['password'])."'

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I think your directories looks good.

Make a simple test for me>

Create a new file in directory- "/home4/clickfi4/public_html/demo" and named it - debug.php.

On the top of your config.php file put it - echo 'test'.

A config.php must locate in "/home4/clickfi4/public_html/demo/secure_folder"

In a debug.php file copy/paste next code:

require_once 'secure_folder/config.php';

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