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Codeigniter Routes Problem

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Happy New Year everyone!

OK so I am sure my problem is easily resolved, but it isn’t obvious to me so maybe one of you experts can help.

I have a controller called products, with a bunch of methods, index shows all products by category, there is a method azproducts does the same thing but groups by letter, then i have a search method also. then each product has its individual view in the view method.

here are my routes:

$route[‘products’] = ‘products’;

$route[‘products/addtobasket/(:any)’] = ‘products/addtobasket/$1’;

$route[‘products/view/(:any)’] = ‘products/view/$1’;

$route[‘products/azproducts/(:any)’] = ‘products/azproducts/$1’;

$route[‘products/search/(:any)’] = ‘products/search/$1’;

$route[‘products/(:any)’] = ‘products/index/$1’;

Now I think the issue is to do with the bottom line, as if I remove ‘index’ from $route[‘products/(:any)’] = ‘products/index/$1’ it returns with a 404, but if i leave it in, it works. However with it left in, the search page then fails to work and routes to the index method instead. does anyone have any ideas what I am doing wrong?


I have posted this also on EllisLabs Codeigniter forum, but I think this site has better 'footfall'



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Are you just going to /products/search when searching?

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I don't know how the router is set up, but I suspect it has something to do with the /(:any) bit not being optional. Worth having a look at, at least.

Also, what happens if you put the problematic line on top?

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You don't need to define every possible link e.g.


$route['products/view/(:any)'] = 'products/view/$1';


Provided there is a controller called Products and a method called view it will get executed as this is the default routing method - which can be reconfigured if you wish - and any arguments will be passed as parameters. Secondly, when defining routes it'll take the last defined route and overwrite any conflicting routes.


In your case you have:


$route['products/search/(:any)'] = 'products/search/$1';
$route['products/(:any)'] = 'products/index/$1';


CodeIgniter sees the second one and re-routes anything with "products" in to products/index/$1 i.e. every single method you've defined will now be redirected to your index method


Taking into account my previous comments, remove both.


Edit: Apologies for all the edits, spotted a load of grammar and language errors.

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