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adding/removing string from a URL


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Hi, PHP geniuses. I am a PHP novice and am stuck. For someone knowledgeable, this should be pretty easy, but it is stumping me.


I have a site that is multiple languages. The only difference in the pages from one language to the next is a "/it/" at the end of the main url before the page name.


I need  2 inline PHP statements that create hrefs:


One that creates a link that says "remove 'it/' from the current page URL


One that takes the current url and ads a 'it/" after the domain name and before the page name in a link.




If the current page URL is http://www.xxx.com/it/test/ - it creates a link that is http://www.xxx.com/test/


The second piece of code creates a link that changes http://www.xxx.com/test/ to http://www.xxx.com/it/test/


I have played with some PHP string replace commands, but I can't get it to work.


I need something like:  <a href='<?php echo str_replace ("/it/",""; ?>'>


Anyway, bad code example, but you get the idea. Anyone know a quick fix here?

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// Example #1
$url = 'http://www.test.com/it/test/';
$new_url = str_replace('/it/', '/', $url);

echo $new_url;

// Example #2
$url = 'http://www.test.com/test/';
$new_url = str_replace('test.com/', 'test.com/it/', $url);

echo $new_url;

This, however, relies on the fact that you know the domain name (test.com in these examples). If you want it more dynamic, take a look at Regular Expressions, you can do a lot of interesting text manipulation stuff with it!


- W

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Yomanny... that looks like what I need to replace the code. But how do I 'on the fly' pull the current URL... and how do I embed the <?php echo $new_url ?> in line with the HTML href quotes?


<a href="<?php echo $new_url ?>">Italian</a> - that syntax doesn't work.

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O.K., it with your help and a little more research, I figured this out!



<?php $domain = $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'];
$queryString = $_SERVER['QUERY_STRING'];
$url = "http://" . $domain . $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'];
$new_url = str_replace('test.com/', 'test.com/it/', $url);?>
<a href="<?php echo $new_url;?>">Italiano</a>
It works beautifully!
Thank you YoManny for your help!
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