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More values in one input in form


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Hello, before i start please sorry for my english, I'm not from english speaking country so my english is not that good.

my Question:
is there any possibility to put 2 or more values in one input type ? I making something like ordering-system. you can imagine it like : You want buy monitor and there is 3 radio inputs for 19" screen, 22" screen and 24" and next to them are pices:

○ 19" screen - 1100 dollars

○ 22" screen - 1200 dollars

○ 24" screen - 1300 dollars

And when i click 'submit' i want to show on another page form.php see what he chose so for example its shows 24" screen - 1200 dollars


And there is problem. In <input> is just one value (only for price or name of product - screen in my case)

I have this code but it shows only price in form.php :


<input type="radio" name="xxx" value="1100 dollars" onclick='check_value(this, 1)'">
(that onclick='check_value(this, 1)' is javascript counting system its irelevant)

and in form.php


<? echo $_POST["xxx"];  ?>

This what i posted works but its only show in form.php '1100 $ dollars' but i want to for example :
 mac book - 1100 dollars.

my idea is something like this :
<input type="radio" name="xxx" value="1100 dollars" value2="macbook" onclick='check_value(this, 1)'">
and when i confirm it i want in form.php
macbook 1100 dollars

I tried it with this code:


    <input type="radio" name="xxxcena" value="PRICE" onclick='check_value(this, 1)' />
input type="text" name="xxxtyp"  value="PRODUCT" hidden />

and in post.php


        <tr bgcolor="#f0f8ff"> <td>
        <? echo 
$_POST["xxxcena"];  ?>
        </td> <td>
        <? echo $_POST["xxxtyp"];  ?>
        </td> </tr>

But it dont work (only shows one product no matters what i chose from my options in form).

Please if its not possible can you tell me how to do it?

Once again im very sorry for my bad english and i hope someone of you understand what i need. Thanks for any help. -exer

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