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Found 5 results

  1. I am trying to using this API. https://www.blocktrail.com/api/docs I can retrieve the first layer value using this. $global_trans_id = $client->transaction($post_transid); $api_transaction_id = $global_trans_id['hash']; echo $api_transaction_id; As you see "hash" is the first layer below. But what if I want to retrieve the second layer such as a value from "Inputs" or "Outputs" like "$global_trans_id['address'];". How would that look? { "hash": "c326105f7fbfa4e8fe971569ef8858f47ee7e4aa5e8e7c458be8002be3d86aad", "first_seen_at": "2014-03-11T08:27:57+0000", "last_seen_at": "2014-03-11T08:27:57+0000", "block_height": 290000, "block_time": "2014-03-11T08:27:57+0000", "block_hash": "0000000000000000fa0b2badd05db0178623ebf8dd081fe7eb874c26e27d0b3b", "confirmations": 31130, "is_coinbase": false, "estimated_value": 70000000, "total_input_value": 70070000, "total_output_value": 70030000, "total_fee": 40000, "estimated_change": 30000, "estimated_change_address": "19M1EraiuAvZp8ZV7QJHH2LVkYm8ECufCJ", "high_priority": false, "enough_fee": true, "contains_dust": false, "inputs": [ { "index": 0, "output_hash": "d283ab6edd394b8a69d6943ea3a29a679d92176b112b1f69ffb9b70cf27dec5a", "output_index": 2769, "value": 2730000, "address": "19M1EraiuAvZp8ZV7QJHH2LVkYm8ECufCJ", "type": "pubkeyhash", "multisig": null, "script_signature": "0x49 0x3046022100bb3d102afd0d57be618aeaa7432bc038dea928bec0af6b8cba37c7ec85701e3d022100c467073956b385f08fbfbc2e130d8f76deb7c5436ba245afca4678200b127c2001 0x21 0x02aa6584518e528be497be65fba84913b7d0cb55158f4e7922298923286a7f6156" }, { "index": 1, "output_hash": "b350de75f9c27b457fa6cefb7072af8aa94de53ccedff4ec06ce885d63645e1d", "output_index": 2764, "value": 2740000, "address": "19M1EraiuAvZp8ZV7QJHH2LVkYm8ECufCJ", "type": "pubkeyhash", "multisig": null, "script_signature": "0x48 0x3045022059c6cc77c0a7c3a3a1ab0678690178750f2b5e442dc6f9331835be4cdb087cc00221008fca79860ab8f15acba61522b4f8482909cadfdf79dca7790efabf71c7c12d3701 0x21 0x02aa6584518e528be497be65fba84913b7d0cb55158f4e7922298923286a7f6156" }, { "index": 2, "output_hash": "fa3f040de013ddbe4a5746c89d32de2cac147845682e7d26119fd686a57e0b65", "output_index": 2549, "value": 2930000, "address": "19M1EraiuAvZp8ZV7QJHH2LVkYm8ECufCJ", "type": "pubkeyhash", "multisig": null, "script_signature": "0x47 0x304402207266d8c69d2c28e4050a90f48209768554e1470999a2259b000fd3c096edc39f02207b7f6a6b7ca7952249a1a1f3064e6a3f573fcd6700084e2fe71ce8f3d3f2be8301 0x21 0x02aa6584518e528be497be65fba84913b7d0cb55158f4e7922298923286a7f6156" }, { /* ... */ } ], "outputs": [ { "index": 0, "value": 70000000, "address": "1JSywyhFSvCC4NGALvKoyX5xng86QaigAN", "type": "pubkeyhash", "multisig": null, "script": "DUP HASH160 0x14 0xbf641337e3ab4eaae788a72bafedb965749882b2 EQUALVERIFY CHECKSIG", "script_hex": "76a914bf641337e3ab4eaae788a72bafedb965749882b288ac", "spent_hash": "71acf863d37d9d18524607e3dd68128b91ddc43dfe32f620ec124ceff3bb3295", "spent_index": 34 }, { "index": 1, "value": 30000, "address": "19M1EraiuAvZp8ZV7QJHH2LVkYm8ECufCJ", "type": "pubkeyhash", "multisig": null, "script": "DUP HASH160 0x14 0x5b8986608535c96923769138ad5be236a091b791 EQUALVERIFY CHECKSIG", "script_hex": "76a9145b8986608535c96923769138ad5be236a091b79188ac", "spent_hash": "400f77fff18e24d1a770c0e1ca85434ca5e4cd0f6e1489e5849256cc71f9ec0a", "spent_index": 2 }, { /* ... */ } ] }
  2. I succeed to create the vertical data, but I just add checkbox in data table in PHP. I know how to set up the value in checkbox, but i can't figure how to put name and value that from database. for example, when you can see name list in columns, you click checkbox that which has name that selected data from database. here example in code: I can get value from outside of php in html: <input type="checkbox" name="???" value="<?php echo $data['Name'] ?>"> But I can't figure to set up the value that inside php: echo "<tr><td><input type="checkbox" name="???" value=?></td></tr>"; my point is I can use echo to print, but echo is used already, php cannot take two name code in same time, same line number. Can you help? If you want to see my full code in php, Let me know...I will put my code in next comment in this thread. Thank you so much! Gary Taylor
  3. I am finding that if I have "0"(zero) value in form select option, it won't select this option or submit data. If I change this value to any other number to text, it will work. Is there a way to fix this? I have to have an option where I am able to choose to submit "0" value to the database table. <option value="0" <?php if(empty($_POST['special'])) {} else { if($_POST['special'] == 0) { echo 'selected'; } } ?> >None</option>
  4. Hi everyone, The following code is aimed to show "aaa aaa" as default value for input box in a form: <?php //xxx.php $db = mysqli_connect('localhost', '', '', ''); ?> <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <body> <form method="POST" action="xxx.php"> <input type="text" name="id" class="id_input" value=<?php echo 'aaa aaa';?>> </form> </body> </html>
  5. Php Gurus, I have been doing guess work all this time. But not any more. Just gonna ask. Look at the following code: Concentrate on line 5. It is obvious the "$colors" represent the variable name of the whole array thing (or "column" or "row" in MS Excell terminology). But what does the "$value" represent ? Each array's values (or "cell" value in MS Excell terminology) ? So, the value of the variable $value changes on each loop. Right ? From "Red" to "Orange" at the end. Correct ? Example: 1st loop: $value = Red; 2nd loop: $value = Green; And so on. Correct ? <?php $colors = array("Red", "Green", "Blue", "Yellow", "Orange"); // Loop through colors array foreach($colors as $value){ echo $value . "<br>"; } ?>
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