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PHP foreach video in file


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Hello all,


I'm new to PHP and in a bit of a jam. I have a PHP script that scans a specified folder for all the files in it. All of the files are images. It uses a foreach statement to place them all inside of hyperlinks linked to lightbox to make an image gallery. This works perfectly. Now part two of my gallery project is scanning a different file for videos. I figured it would be pretty easy to edit my existing script and conform it to video. I was wrong. Halfway through rewriting the script I realized that every video has two formats. MP4 and OGG. This will cause every video to be displayed in the gallery twice. Does anyone know how to scan a file for videos and place them on a page without making an embeded video for each format?


Below is my code.

$videos= glob('videos/*');
foreach($videos as $video) {
   echo '<video controls tabindex="0">';
   echo '<source src="'.$video.'" type="video/mp4;" />';
   echo '<source src="'.$video." type="video/ogg;" />';
   echo '</video>';



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Scan a file? You mean directory. Really confusing otherwise.


Build an array beforehand of the names of files and their various extensions. Like

$rawvideos = glob('videos/*.*');
$videos = array();
foreach ($rawvideos as $file) {
    $extension = substr($file, strrpos($file, '.') + 1);
    $filenoext = substr($file, 0, strlen($extension) + 1);
    if (!isset($videos[$filenoext])) {
        $videos[$filenoext] = array();
    $videos[$filenoext][] = $extension;
Then do your normal loop over $videos but you can check for extensions. Or go fancy and use another loop.
$types = array(
    'mp4' => 'video/mp4',
    'ogg' => 'video/ogg'

foreach ($videos as $filenoext => $extensions) {
    echo '<video controls tabindex="0">';
    foreach ($extensions as $extension) {
        if (isset($types[$extension])) {
            echo '<source src="' . $filenoext . "." . $extension . '" type="' . $types[$extension] . '" />';
    echo '</video>';
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EDITED - So far it works except for one problem. After running the page through wampserver to preview it I get a black box saying "No video with supported format and MIME type found."[Firefox].


After viewing the source code this is the video line that your code is generating.

<video controls tabindex="0"><source src="vide.mp4" type="video/mp4" /><source src="vide.ogg" type="video/ogg" /></video>


Any idea why the video souces are vide.mp4 and vide.ogg?

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I have actually found the problem but not sure how to fix it.


This line:

$filenoext = substr($file, 0, strlen($extension) + 1);


It is only allowing so much added to the source.

If I were to change that 1 to a 10 the source would go from vide.mp4 and vide.ogg to videos/traile.mp4 and videos/traile.ogg.

Any ideas?

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