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bash script to create xml from mysql query - out of memory

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i need to generate an xml file from database records, and i get the error out of memory...
here's the script i am using, it's found on google, and it's not suitable for me...
and it's also killing the server allocated memory... (but it's a beginning)



    use warnings;
    use strict;
    use XML::Simple;
    use DBI;

    my $dbh = DBI->connect('DBI:mysql:db_name;host=host_address','db_user','db_pass')
      or die DBI->errstr;

    # Get an array of hashes
    my $recs = $dbh->selectall_arrayref('SELECT * FROM my_table',{ Columns => {} });

    # Convert to XML where each hash element becomes an XML element
    my $xml = XMLout( {record => $recs}, NoAttr => 1 );

    print $xml;



this script only print the records, because i tested with an where clause for a single row id...

first of all i couldn't manage to make it to save the output to a file.xml (i have no idea how to do it)
second, i need somehow to split the "job" in multiple jobs and then put together the xml file all in one piece. (i have no idea, and couldn't find any info on google)

thanks for all your answers in advance!
PS: i don't have access to change server settings :(

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mysql, i managed to make some fixes, now i'm stuck with xml output file

the problem was the query which overloads the server allocated memory

changed to this:


print "<users>\n";
my $sth = $dbh->prepare("SELECT id ,name, email, phone, etc, etc, etc,  FROM my_table  ORDER BY id DESC");

   while (my ($id ,$name, $email, $phone, $etc, $etc, $etc,) = $sth->fetchrow_array ()) {
       print " <user>\n";
       print "  <user_id>$id</user_id>\n";
       print "  <name><![CDATA[$name]]></name>\n";
       print "  <email>$email</email>\n";
       print "  <phone>$phone</phone>\n"; 
       $etc ....
print "</users>\n";


now i don't know how to write the output to an xml file, tried some scripts from google but without success...

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There is too much code, just use --xml or --html flags to retrieve the content from tables and write it down into a file.


Example in Bash with a xml flag:




# define the database and select the table 
CMD="use sakila;SELECT * FROM film WHERE release_year=2006;"

/usr/bin/mysql -h ${DBHOST} -u ${DBUSER} --password=${DBPASS} --xml -e "$CMD">~/newXML.xml



<?xml version="1.0"?>

<resultset statement="SELECT * FROM film WHERE release_year=2006" xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance">
	<field name="film_id">1</field>
	<field name="title">ACADEMY DINOSAUR</field>
	<field name="description">A Epic Drama of a Feminist And a Mad Scientist who must Battle a Teacher in The Canadian Rockies</field>
	<field name="release_year">2006</field>
	<field name="language_id">1</field>
	<field name="original_language_id" xsi:nil="true" />
	<field name="rental_duration">6</field>
	<field name="rental_rate">0.99</field>
	<field name="length">86</field>
	<field name="replacement_cost">20.99</field>
	<field name="rating">PG</field>
	<field name="special_features">Deleted Scenes,Behind the Scenes</field>
	<field name="last_update">2006-02-15 05:03:42</field>

	<field name="film_id">2</field>
	<field name="title">ACE GOLDFINGER</field>
	<field name="description">A Astounding Epistle of a Database Administrator And a Explorer who must Find a Car in Ancient China</field>
	<field name="release_year">2006</field>
	<field name="language_id">1</field>
	<field name="original_language_id" xsi:nil="true" />
	<field name="rental_duration">3</field>
	<field name="rental_rate">4.99</field>
	<field name="length">48</field>
	<field name="replacement_cost">12.99</field>
	<field name="rating">G</field>
	<field name="special_features">Trailers,Deleted Scenes</field>
	<field name="last_update">2006-02-15 05:03:42</field>

	<field name="film_id">3</field>
	<field name="title">ADAPTATION HOLES</field>
	<field name="description">A Astounding Reflection of a Lumberjack And a Car who must Sink a Lumberjack in A Baloon Factory</field>
	<field name="release_year">2006</field>
	<field name="language_id">1</field>
	<field name="original_language_id" xsi:nil="true" />
	<field name="rental_duration">7</field>
	<field name="rental_rate">2.99</field>
	<field name="length">50</field>
	<field name="replacement_cost">18.99</field>
	<field name="rating">NC-17</field>
	<field name="special_features">Trailers,Deleted Scenes</field>
	<field name="last_update">2006-02-15 05:03:42</field>


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