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executing mysql LIKE query

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I'm trying to execute this query

$stmt = $mysqli->prepare("SELECT streamer,content,provider
      FROM  evento,canali
      WHERE canali.id=evento.idcanale
      AND evento.titolo LIKE '%?%' OR evento.sottotitolo LIKE '%?%'
      AND evento.datainizio=2013-02-21;");
but I get this error Warning: mysqli_stmt::bind_param(): Number of variables doesn't match number of parameters in prepared statement. 
but to me it seems like the number are the same,  you can see how I prepared the statement with 2 arguments to define, and then I passe 2 arguments to add_param, what I'm getting wrong?


some has some ideas?
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I am so not inclined to help you since the only effort you've shown here is that you can copy/paste entire posts from another forum. You didn't even bother to copy only the text.


But it's a very easy answer so I will anyway.


Bound variables don't work like simple string replacements. If you want to LIKE a field against a bound string then the string has to be the entire expression - %s and all.

$tok = "%" . $tok . "%";
AND evento.titolo LIKE ? OR evento.sottotitolo LIKE ?
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sorry fot he copy/paste but I posted a couple of days ago on the other forum and nobody answered, and since I couldn't find I answer I changed forum!

thanks for the answer, now it seems like it's working

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