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First professionally done site tell me what you think!


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I think it looks great, good job.  Usually people post some horrible looking site that they think is great, not in your case.  The colors are used perfectly together along with the subtle textures.  Seeing that it's a wordpress site is fine cause most syntax and correct building practices are generally used, although usually overly bloated for my taste.  Only syntax error I found was you have an extra </p> on this section

<div class="mainLeft">
<h3 style="margin-bottom:0 !important;"><span class="red">FinTec:</span> A metal finishing partner to help you grow</h3>
<p>We partner with companies who expect the highest quality equipment, spare parts and consumables from worldwide market leading manufacturers in the surface finishing industry today. FinTec offers training, machine rebuilds and consultation services for all projects relating to surface finishing. Our staff is experienced in implantation of Lean Manufacturing, giving us a unique background to help you solve the most complex of problems. Our aim is to help you reduce operating costs and increase efficiency and productivity.</p>
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