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SQLite 3 - Importing .db file?


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The topic title says it all - I have a .©db file (the c standing for cards, but that doesn't change the format) including a complex relationship of cards, their names and their associated images.


It is written in SQLite 3 dialect, which I happen to have installed on my PC and also can get it working, but I cannot import the file and work it, somehow.


How would I work on importing it?


Thanks in advance for any support.

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Generally everything, I have the components but I cannot quite properly figure out the format the file is in right now (I didn't write the file), I also never have used SQLite much...


I excuse if this sounds a bit... illiterate, but I haven't been able to access the internet properly in the course of the last three days so I couldn't quite look up the documentation for it.

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Yeah, I was in a hurry to get this finished at school, I'll try better next time.


However, both my localhost and my online host give me an error for an undefined function call whenever I try to use sqlite_open.

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I guess I tried using the sqlite3 extension, though I am not sure if I needed to install anything else on my localhost or on my PHP host, seeing as I am very limited with time lately.


Would PDO work without installing anything additional?

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