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Character set issues


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I've been given a database where some text columns are using latin encoding (or swedish? ugh). I want to update these columns to utf encoding while preserving the data to be accessed correctly after the column type is changed. What are the steps? Do I convert the data FIRST and then alter the column encoding type? Or vice-versa? Or something else?


Also, is this the best way to update the data?

convert(cast(convert(column_name using latin1) as binary) using utf8)



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Sorry, another question on this, because I'm not sure I asked it correctly the first time: The database column is currently latin1_swedish BUT the encoding used by the application's mysql connection is UTF-8.


This is why I was wondering about needing to convert data before converting the column.

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MySQL will still convert it for you. At the very least try to: if there's a character in the first character set that's not available in the second then you will lose some data (IIRC), but that's not going to be an issue with Latin1 -> UTF-8 (since MySQL's utf8mb3 contains all of the characters in latin1).


[edit] But since the reverse is not true, you should check your data to make sure it's all correct: if you tried to save something not valid in Latin1 then MySQL couldn't have saved it correctly and you'll need to fix it manually (since the data would have been lost).

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