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It seems to work fine. I'm not in love with the design, but the fact that it works on mobile means it works better than most websites. You ought to be minifying your CSS. That's something that can be done automatically if you start using Sass. I just got into Sass a few months ago, and it's super awesome. You should move that GA code down to the closing body tag. Natural flow of headers is wonky. For instance on the home page the H2 comes before the H1.


I posted here a long time ago and never got anybody to say anything constructive. What do you think? (link in signature). Because I've been in business for years, I think the dark colors are turning away customers. I just don't have a lot of time to work on it. It is a responsive design.

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Thanks for the reply.  I haven't checked the forum in a few days.  I'll check out Sass.  After you let something sit a while and come back to it, you do see where it can be improved.  Yes, I have to work on color schemes, it's not my strong suite, I am more into programming.  


Thanks for the suggestions!

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