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Site dosent have permission for /var/www


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Hello , 


I have a server linux debian , it was running a site on my server and site was working well .


2 days ago i removed site and moved prestashop from other host which i configured to my linux server . 


the problem is prestashop dosent have permission to edit and change file inside /var/www .

if i change all files and folder permission to 0777, prestashop working well , but as soon as i change files and folder permission to 0644 and 0755 it is stop working .

after lots of search find out that /var/www group and owner is root user , becuse of that prestashop not able to change any file that needed . 


i read this topic  http://forums.phpfreaks.com/topic/186274-debian-varwww-file-permissions/


but dont know how can i give permission to prestashop to work with /var/www , prestashop dosent have any user that i can to give it permission to work with /var/www 


any advise i appreciate 

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