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Updating MYSQL Data via PHP Webservice Call


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Hello, I'm hoping someone may be able to help me.


I have a php shopping cart (zen cart to be exact) and I have a web service that someone helped me write to allow retrieval of data from the MYSQL database to be used by an external website built in .net (I am a .net developer).


Anyway, the current web service only allows "reading" of data which is working fine, however now I would like to add an extra function that would allow the external site to update the stock levels in the Zen Cart's mysql database via a web service call.


This is what I have curently : 

require 'includes/configure.php';
class stephin 

	function __construct($hostname,$dbuser,$dbpass,$dbname) {
		global $config; 
		if(!$this->dblink) {
					return $this->dblink;
					die("Database cant be selected.");
					return false;				
				die("No database connection");
				return $this->dblink;
			return $this->dblink;

	function select($query){
		if($result3 > 0){
					$result[] = $row;
			return $result;
		return false;
$data=$db->select("select zen_products_description.products_id,zen_products.products_model,zen_products_description.products_name,zen_products.products_status,zen_products.products_price,zen_products.products_quantity,zen_products.products_weight,zen_products.product_is_always_free_shipping as free_shipping,zen_products.products_sort_order as sort_order,zen_products.master_categories_id as categories_id,zen_products_description.products_description,zen_products.products_image  from zen_products_description inner join zen_products on zen_products.products_id= zen_products_description.products_id  where zen_products.products_id=$id");
$data=$db->select("select zen_products_description.products_id,zen_products.products_model,zen_products_description.products_name,zen_products.products_status,zen_products.products_quantity,zen_products.products_price,zen_products.products_weight,zen_products.products_sort_order as sort_order,zen_products.master_categories_id as categories_id  from zen_products_description inner join zen_products on zen_products.products_id= zen_products_description.products_id order by zen_products_description.products_id");
echo json_encode($data);

I have figured out that I will need something like this:

$prod_id = $_GET['prod_id'];
$prod_qty = $_GET['prod_qty'];

$sql = "UPDATE zen_products SET products_quantity = $prod_qty WHERE products_id = $prod_id" ;

$retval = mysql_query( $sql, $conn );
if(! $retval )
  die('Could not update data: ' . mysql_error());
echo "Updated data successfully\n";

But I am just not sure how to glue it together with the existing code I have.


In addition I would also like to make sure that the quantity cannot be updated to a value less than zero.


Obviously I also have security issues to consider but I will worry about that once I can get this working.


Thanks in advance.

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