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PHP Live Video Support


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Hi everyone,


I'm hoping the someone can guide me in the right direction for what I need to do. Does anyone know of a really good tutorial and/or information about a plugin product that is available to do what I need? For example, what I need is to create a website that has the ability to allow video conferencing between a teacher and students. This what I envision - a college professor can log on to his website and display a live video feed of him. Also, as each of his students log on, their live video feed is then also supplied. Would prefer a already made plugin product but would also like to look at raw code in PHP to see how something like this could be accomplished. Thank you in advance.




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This type of solution would require much more than just PHP. PHP cannot access resources on the user's computer such as a video camera output. You would need to use something such as a Java (not JavaScript) application that you create and the user would have to install, or some common plug-ins such as Flash *may* have some way to do this without additional installed. Then there are infrastructure concerns. Where are the video feeds from the user's going to such that they can then get redirected to the other participants? The bandwidth requirements alone would be huge.


You might be better off trying to leverage an existing service. But, it likely won't be free.

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