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Composer - Autoload and PSR-0 vs PSR-4


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I'm beginning to study Composer and am developing a system where I separate the files core application files, as follows:

|-- /src
|-- /App
|-- /DBConfig
|-- /Controller
|-- /Model
|-- /Core
|-- /Helper
|-- /Controller
|-- /Model

So, to set this setting in composer.json file and get access to all classes both /App much /Core would be this way?

"autoload" : {
"psr-X" : {
"App\\" : "/src",
"Core\\" : "/src"

Or is there a more correct way?

I have also read about PSR-0 vs PSR-4 and I am still somewhat in doubt which one to use. In my case what should I implement, PSR-0 or PSR-4?

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With the layout you have you should tell composer that you are using psr-0.


Then, as long as you are using namespaces that coincide with your directory structure your classes will be autoloaded.

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