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delete image from folder


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I am new here, and so i am to php.. i have a small question - i think anyone here could help me, im sure :-)


I have a php-gallery running locally on my desktop (using xampp), the gallery just shows images from a directory where a webcam saves its pictures in it (the gallery is named "ubergallery" - maybe anyone knows this gallery).


Now i really would like to have following option:


 - A Button on the thumbnail called "delete" - when clicking on it, the picture should get replaced with another, predefined, placeholder-picture. I really hope somebody here can help me ! Thank you so much for your time !


I have attached the files!




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well, i really dont have a lot of knowledge in php.. so i think this is the relevant code in the template:

<div id="galleryListWrapper">
        <?php if (!empty($galleryArray) && $galleryArray['stats']['total_images'] > 0): ?>
            <ul id="galleryList" class="clearfix">

                <?php foreach ($galleryArray['images'] as $image): ?>

                    <li><a href="/blumenstein/index.php"><img src="<?php echo $image['thumb_path']; ?>"/></a></li>
                <?php endforeach; ?>
        <?php endif; ?>

and this should be the function:

     * Returns pre-formatted XHTML of a gallery
     * @param string $directory Relative path to images directory
     * @param string $relText Text to use as the rel value
     * @return object Self
     * @access public
    public function createGallery($directory, $relText = 'colorbox') {

        // Get the gallery data array and set the template path
        $galleryArray = $this->readImageDirectory($directory);
        $templatePath = $this->_appDir . '/templates/defaultGallery.php';

        // Set the relative text attribute
        $galleryArray['relText'] = $relText;

        // Echo the template contents
        echo $this->readTemplate($templatePath, $galleryArray);

        return $this;


     * Returns an array of files and stats of the specified directory
     * @param string $directory Relative path to images directory
     * @return array File listing and statistics for specified directory
     * @access public
    public function readImageDirectory($directory) {

        // Set relative image directory

        // Instantiate gallery array
        $galleryArray = array();

        // Get the cached array
        $galleryArray = $this->_readIndex($this->_index);

        // If cached array is false, read the directory
        if (!$galleryArray) {

            // Get array of directory
            $dirArray = $this->_readDirectory($directory);

            // Loop through array and add additional info
            foreach ($dirArray as $key => $image) {
                // Get files relative path
                $relativePath = $this->_rImgDir . '/' . $key;

                $galleryArray['images'][htmlentities(pathinfo($image['real_path'], PATHINFO_BASENAME))] = array(
                    'file_title'   => str_replace('_', ' ', pathinfo($image['real_path'], PATHINFO_FILENAME)),
                    'file_path'    => htmlentities($relativePath),
                    'thumb_path'   => $this->_createThumbnail($image['real_path'])

            // Add statistics to gallery array
            $galleryArray['stats'] = $this->_readGalleryStats($this->_readDirectory($directory, false));

            // Add gallery paginator to the gallery array
            $galleryArray['paginator'] = $this->_getPaginatorArray($galleryArray['stats']['current_page'], $galleryArray['stats']['total_pages']);

            // Save the sorted array
            if ($this->_config['cache_expire'] > 0) {
                $this->_createIndex($galleryArray, $this->_index);

        // Return the array
        return $galleryArray;

     * Returns a template string with custom data injected into it
     * @param string $templatePath Path to template file
     * @param array $data Array of data to be injected into the template
     * @return string Processed template string
     * @access private
    public function readTemplate($templatePath, $data) {

        // Extract array to variables

        // Start the output buffer

        // Include the template
        include $templatePath;

        // Set buffer output to a variable
        $output = ob_get_clean();

        // Return the output
        return $output;


i hope this will help you - thank you for your time !

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