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Check if user entered text contains allowed domain values?

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Code what i made so far.

$inputText = 'This is testing http://www.youtube.com';

$allowedDomains = 'www.google.com

$array = preg_split('/[\s]+/', $allowedDomains);
$regex = '';//Need this line

if(preg_match($regex, $inputText)){
    print 'Domain match!';
    print 'Domain not match!';
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  • Solution

This will check exact domains only, so if wanted the subdomains as well need to add them into $allowedDomains


Since this is text and people do not always add a www. or a protocol like http:// or https://, I searched for decimal points instead.

//parse url function
function parseTheUrl($url)
    $new_parse_url = str_ireplace(array(
    ), "", trim($url));
    $parsedUrl     = @parse_url("http://$new_parse_url");
    return strtolower(trim($parsedUrl['host'] ? $parsedUrl['host'] : array_shift(explode('/', $parsedUrl['path'], 2))));

//input text examples
$inputText = "come visit my http://viagara.com website or come to pills.com";
//$inputText = "A normal message with no urls in it.";
//$inputText = "This is testing http://www.youtube.com and also .google.com..... lets see what 5.27 does";

//alowed domains array
$allowedDomains = array(
//remove multiple whitespace and trim
$str            = preg_replace('~\s+~', ' ', trim($inputText));
//explode all words by spaces
$array          = explode(" ", $str);
//loop all the words
foreach ($array as $value) {
    //replace multiple decimals with a single
    $value = preg_replace('~\.+~', '.', trim($value));
    //remove decimal from beginning
    $value = ltrim($value, ".");
    //remove decimal from end
    $value = rtrim($value, ".");
    //check for any with a decimal within, most likely a url
    if (preg_match('~\.~', $value)) {
        //exclude numbers at end of expected domain
        if (ctype_alpha(end(explode(".", $value)))) {
            //create array with domains found in message
            $domains[] = parseTheUrl($value); //parsing them for better results and lowercases

//checking exact domain

//if $domain array exists
if ($domains) {
    //loop domains
    foreach ($domains as $domain) {
        //check if is not in allowedDomains
        if (!in_array($domain, $allowedDomains)) {
            $inputText = "Message not allowed"; //change inputText

//echo the message
echo $inputText;
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