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Best web hosts?


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I hope this is a good place to post this. I saw another old post that was web host related so I thought this one might fit here too.


I am hoping someone could give me some advice on the best web hosts out there for PHP and LAMP.  For now I am looking for a shared server that will allow me to experiment with using PHP to generate X3D scenes as well as to hone my HTML5, PHP, and javascript skills. I will be the only person using the site.


Important factors include cost, reliability (up time), reasonable speed, support, and the latest versions of PHP etc.  I looked through a lot of "best of" lists but they all seem to be supported by advertising and discount deals from the hosts, so I have doubts about their objectivity. 



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Unless your own hardware isn't enough, in which case cheap shared hosting probably won't be able to give you the performance you want, then you could just run the stuff on your own computer. MAMP/WAMP/XAMPP are all more-or-less self-contained packages of everything that you need. It's free, reliable (depending how much you want to fiddle with it), fast, runs whatever version of PHP you want for the most part... You do lose out on support but there's a lot available on the internet to help with that.

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yep. Why pay for something when you can do it on your own computer. While you are getting everything working, it is much more convenient there and when you have it how you want it, then is the time to look for hosting companies.


I have been with hostgator for quite a few years and unless you are going to use a lot of their resources, the babycroc package is good. Most things there are unlimited so you dont have to worry about how many folks are visiting or how much of their resources you are using. But.. of course there are others out there which offer the same kind of deals. Hostgator have always been good at support and helpful and there are lots of others on the forums who have come up against the same problems as us who can help too.

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