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Mysqli class missing from PHP version 5+.

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I am trying to connect to a database using mysqli from a web developing software package called Sellerdeck.


This software is purely windows based, it has PHP configured to a certain extent it seems.


I ran the phpinfo(); command and can't find anything to do with MYSQL in the settings of the version.



So i tried to download the php_mysql.dll  and libmysql.dll files, I have referenced them in the php.ini file  by using





(Also best to mention that "  extension_dir="./" "  was the only line of text in the php.ini file by default)


This didn't seem to make a difference at all, still get the same error.


Is there anything I can try to do? I really can't understand it as php 5 comes with mysql built in, but it seems that Sellerdeck have stripped that usability from the php version!



Any advice appreciated

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So i tried to download the php_mysql.dll  and libmysql.dll files,


Those files are for the old mysql extension. MySQLi requires the php_mysqli.dll extension to be enabled. You should not need to download the mysql extensions as they are bundled with PHP


I would suggest you add your PHP installation folder to the Windows PATH Environment Variable first and then configure the extensions_dir directive in the php.in to be an absolute path to the ext/ folder in your PHP installation folder.

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