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MySQL, php, and Paypal.

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Hello all, 

I need some help with my database. So far I have made a program that collects information from a mysql database and I can edit the information and all. Anyways, I use that program to keep track of my job orders but as it stands now I have to enter it all myself.


Is there a way that I can have paypal or a php enter the clients name, email, order ID (dont even know how to do this in paypal), and what product he bought in a table on my database? Ill provide screenshots of my program and also database table. Dont know if it will help but it might a bit.


By the way, I dont have a clue about php.





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You should create a form on your website where this is information is entered before it is submitted to Paypal. You submit a request to Paypal and Paypal responds with the result of the transaction. Paypal will not communicate any information other than status of transaction, transaction amount, and transaction ID. It is your job to collect the information that you need to store in the database before submitting the request to Paypal.

Hope that makes sense.

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