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Specify how many times a message should be printed in a form


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Hello everyone!


I would like to need some help from someone who understands the basics of PHP.


About the problem: I am supposed to make the user's input number multiple (a number between 0 and 10) with the text string the user has written.

For example, the user writes "Hello" and "5", "Hello" should be printed out five times. I must use a for-loop and a while-loop to solve it.)

Maybe it has to do with something called parameter.


Would be thankful for some help!



This is my current code:

    <form method="POST">                Message: <input type="text" name="message"/>
                                        Number: <input type="text" name="number"/>
                                                <input type="submit" value="OK!" name="submit" />
            if(isset( $_POST["submit"] ) ) {
                    $message = $_POST["message"];
                    $number = $_POST["number"];

            for ($random = 0; $random < 10; $random = $random + $number) {
                echo "<ul><li>$message</li></ul>";

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You need a for loop and a while loop? One for loop is plenty for this. You can do a for loop or a while loop, though...


[edit] Anyways, with just a for loop, you're close.

for (first statement; condition to keep executing; statement to execute at the end of the loop's body) {
What you have: start with $random=0, keep executing as long as $random is less than 10, and every time at the end of the loop's body (that is, after the echo) it will increment $random by $number.

What that should be: start with $random=0 (although a better variable name would be nice), keep executing as long as $random is less than $number, and every time it increments $random by one.

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