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Pixel Tracking


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I'm currently planning out a pixel tracking PHP script. 


From reading around there appears to be two ways to serve a pixel back to in the request:


1) creating a 1x1 pixel image using GD library

2) sending back 200 code in the header and serving no image at all


However, using GD library seems like quite an expensive way to serve a 1x1 pixel. So what I wanted to know was if I went down this route is there any advantage of using GD library over just serving a 1x1 pixel image (i.e. a 'physical' image) that's actually stored on the server?


Any advice is appreciated!


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Why go through GD?

1. Make a 1x1 transparent pixel in MS Paint or whatever, save as GIF for the small size.

2. Do echo base64_encode(file_get_contents("/path/to/pixel.gif")) and copy that.

3. Paste it in code as

header("Content-Type: image/gif");
echo base64_decode("base64 encoded stuff here");
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