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Need help with SELECT WHERE statement


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Ok, we are getting somewhere.


Now, just use this code alone while you get things going. The difference is I have now added what is called a "Positional Placeholder" for username which is the question mark. There is another way to do it called "Named Parameters" but we can get into that another time. The code will now give you the individual column data.


This is complete standalone with the connection code. Just practice with this. you can integrate it later. Set the connection parameters to your DB.




$hostdb   'localhost';
$dbname   'phphelp_joe';
$username 'root';
$password '';

if (!empty(
$pdo = new PDO("mysql:host=localhost;dbname=$dbname"$username$password);
$sql  "SELECT username, firstname, lastname, email FROM users WHERE username=?";
$stmt $pdo->prepare($sql);
$row $stmt->fetch();
"{$row['username']} {$row['lastname']} {$row['email']}";
'No username in URL';


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Yeah this works! :D


It pulls in the username from the URL then displays the data relating to the username from the database on the page, and have implemented the code into the view_profile.php.


Thanks a lot, i know it was hard work but i learned a lot :)


Now to create a friends system :P


Happy Halloween!

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Glad your learning.


When I asked you for an SQL data dump this is what I was asking for:


INSERT INTO `users` VALUES ('1', 'test', 'test', 'test', '5c73b9801c80c790e4c9b5bf0f55cdf84bea07baa3af1d778845427339d71e12', '4f0819657e64c9ed', ' test@test.com', '1', '2015-10-31', '1');
The reason I wanted your table AND data was so I could quickly and easily recreate your database on my server for testing and to make sure your tables are setup correctly.
What I gave you is very basic code. It does not account for a nonexistent username among other things.
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