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<p> tag next to an input box

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I am trying to figure out how to get the instructions to display next to the input box. Right now the text is displaying within the text box and is being cut off. The placeholder='$entry_instructions' is the information that needs to be moved to a <p> tag next to the input box. 

$attr_input = "<input type='text' id='attribute_$tracker_alert_attribute_id' name='attribute_$tracker_alert_attribute_id' ".
                  "value='$value' placeholder='$entry_instructions' $trigger_on_change_html>";
} else {
   $attr_input = "<input type='text' name='attribute_$tracker_alert_attribute_id' placeholder='$entry_instructions' value='$value' size='10'>";

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Instead of using the placeholder attribute, have you tried putting the instructions outside of the <input> tag? Maybe something like this:

$attr_input = "<input type='text' id='attribute_$tracker_alert_attribute_id' name='attribute_$tracker_alert_attribute_id' value='$value' $trigger_on_change_html> $entry_instructions";
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or just use label after the input statement and it perfectly HTML 

$attr_input .= '<label for="tracker">' . $entry_instructions . '</label>';


Just be aware that the for attribute in the <label> tag needs to match the id attribute in the <input> tag. Otherwise, the <label> tag won't do anything. Or, if you want, the <label> tag can be wrapped around the <input> tag. Then the for and id attributes are not needed. More information can be found here:


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