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Use frameworks for my projects


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Nowadays, it seems that frameworks are a best environement for advanced developers. On the other hand, it could be argued that they really are not necessary when you develop some website in php. However, this environements speed up a lot the appearing of many projects. So my question is: You recomend some novice developer to use frameworks? Any suggestions or dissapointments are good received. Thanks in advance.

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Yes I recommend using a framework.  Just make sure it's one of the modern component based frameworks, and that it's PSR-0/4 based.  You want to pick from Symfony2, Laravel, Phalcon or Zend Framework in my opinion.


There are also some micro frameworks worth looking at for small scale projects.  Silex is one I can recommend as its been around for a while having come out of the Symfony2 project, and shares a lot with Symfony, making a lot of what you learn relevant to the development in either framework.  

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When we look at modern web development needs, the key to success is speed development with well organized, reusable and maintainable code, all the while ensuring scalability. The best way to achieve this is by using an existing, proven PHP framework.


Basically, these 6 Frameworks are in boom

1) Laravel

2) YII






I recommended Laravel framework because Laravel has its own set of packages which promotes a certain type of opinion. Though beginner friendly, it comes with its own set of beliefs and opinions.


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