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Datagrid suggestion

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I thought it would be more useful to move my biz app to the web, so I can work on it on the go. Everything went well! The only section I am stuck on is a page where I need to put in products and services.

qty, desc, cost, total, then sub totals (labor,tax etc.)


I've searched the net for  some ideas, and most were overkill, others were too confusing. it is just one page I need.  currently I just set up a table with JS but that seems to be more work than needed. Needs to adjust on the fly, ergo why I am using JS with the table. But my code seems to be more complex than needed, as it seems I am looking for a spreadsheet style.

if i put "1" qty column I want the total to reflect it with the cost, and the totals as well. but the way I am going at it, is horrible (mostly because It needs to be JS, and I am not that fluent in it)


anyone run across this, and how I might implement something of this nature - doesn't even have to be a table. I only enter at most 2 - 5 items at any given time. Do not want to use jquery if I do not need to. The page I currently have is a huge mess as I have been working on it forever LOL. Just cant get it to work.


don't need code, just shoot me with some ideas, I'll scratch my head from there.

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ok working now.. looks like pretty much what I was looking for. I'll skim over it and use it as a model. need some changes (unit price needs to be dynamic instead of static but the rest looks about right)


thank you very much

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