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We have a site that was coded years ago and it does searching in database tables for any number of things.  The mysql 'like' construct is commonly used.  Years pass...


Is there a search module that implements a more professional search?  I would expect (with our configurations) things like spelling correction, user search history, zip code locating, suggestions (you may be interested in this) and so on.  Even a simple one would be better than what we have now.


I expect the implementation would not be trivial.


The database contains products, addresses, product reviews, and new articles; among other things.


Thanks for suggestions.


Env:  mysql, php 5 (not7), godaddy host (shared)

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We use Sphinx here. I won't claim to know much about it, but I am generally pleased with it.


A pure PHP solution probably won't be too good. You should have something running in memory to perform searches, and regular databases can't handle that kind of work.

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