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Help needed in select command using table A and B


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My command is 

$stmt2 = "select rowsno , comid , sno , tag_from FROM tasktag where COMID='$COMID' and  TAG_FROM = '$TAGFROM'";

I want to fetch 1 more value in it but from a different table using the sno from the above select command


If wish to fetch LATEST_ACTIVITY_NO from admtask where sno = sno 


I want this inside stmt2 command only because its returning an array like this -

    "ROWSNO": "2224",
    "COMID": "54578",
    "SNO": "31598",

and i wish to include LATEST_ACTIVITY_NO in it

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OMG! All this time I have been slaving away making sure of my case usage and now I find out what you knew all the time.

Don't know what made me think that case mattered....


What an idiot I am!

I think it's better to maintain the same case anyway - using Linux a lot means you tend to get used to the fact that case matters in a lot of things (which is why table names can be case sensitive)


I'm a fan of camel case and I think it makes things more readable - but inconsistent use of case for the same field can (IMHO) lead to confusion.

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