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putting a set if (50) URLS into an array

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Good day and hello dear experts,

want to add a array where i can store URLs that needed to be fetched


import bs4
from urllib.request im,port urlopen as uReq
from bs4 import BeautifulSoup as soup

my_url = "https://wordpress.org/plugins/participants-database/"
uClient = uReq(my_url)
page_html = uClient.read()
page_soup = soup(page_html, "html.parser")

ttt = page_soup.find("div", {"class":"plugin-meta"})
text_nodes = [node.text.strip() for node in ttt.ul.findChildren('li')[:-1:2]]


Output of text_nodes:

'Version:', 'Active installations: 10,000+', 'Tested up to: 4.9.4']
so far so good

Background: want to fetch the following data from this page:


i need the data of the following three lines - in the above mentioned example


Version: <strong>1.29.3</strong>
Active installations: <strong>100,000+</strong>
Tested up to: <strong>4.9.4</strong>

again: want to add a array where i can store URLs that needed to be fetched

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