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Please can I get some feedback on my website.

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I am looking for feedback on my website to see what people think on its design and usability and if anyone can suggest any changes to improve its performance.  I only wish to use the shortcode url as I do not wish for my site to show up in googles results via any forums.



Thank you

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For performance, see if they would agree to omit 3rd party adverts ;-) I know that sometimes it's fast and other times Google Ads really slow down render times on some of my work. (What I don't know is what on their end is doing it ... huge traffic or real-time bidding wars, etc.)


For design, I know the "C-suite" people in this company wouldn't like the white space to the right of the lady on the laptop.


The paragraph/div "You can select any carpet or floor covering from our website" ... what does that look like with text-align:left? Also maybe some whitespace in there, it's kind of tight in that area.


The "tiles" near the bottom suffer from a common problem that I'm not sure of the answer to: variable shape images. I really think they'd look better if they were all "same sized", but that's hard to do. We have tried to fix that on the homepage of OMBE.com by using a backgrounded-DIV. However, you can see the problem is very real in the sellers/stores list (ombe.com/stores).


If it were me I'd make the Twitterbox wider also, although perhaps not full width; I might attempt to center it.


There's my two-pence (Is that still what you call it over the pond there?)

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