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Transfer JS data to PHP


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I have used the following JavaScript to create and HTML span of text and then populate the area:

document.write("<span name='msg' id='msg'></span>"); 

document.getElementById("msg").textContent = "This is a test";

And when I add this code in JavaScript, I can see validation of the element's functionality.

var A = document.getElementById("msg").textContent;  


Resulting in the phrase "This is a test" being displayed.  However, I cannot get the phrase to connect into PHP.

I've tried incorporating  $msg=$_POST['msg'];  and    $A=$_POST['A'];

echo "This is the message from ".$A;


But there doesn't seem to be a connection occurring.  How can I make the jump so that the PHP acknowledges the phrase inside the HTML span tag?

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That was my initial intention (i like knowing I am on the right path, as I'm sure YOU do too, my friend) but after discovering that I can gain 'access' to the phrase in a <span> through JS, i became compelled with finding the method of 'transforming' and using IT as the value; thereby saving a few lines of code [at the expense of several hours of wrestling and research].

Aside from abandoning my quest, is there a way to convert this element so it can be interpreted as a value on the PHP side?

PS: This is all occurring inside of a form.

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I'm not sure what you mean by "re-shaped", but yes technically you could grab the contents of any structural element via JavaScript and then send that content as data to PHP via AJAX. However, you're not saving yourself any "lines of code". In fact, you're adding complexity to what should be a fairly simple system, given what you've described. Perhaps you could explain what exactly you're trying to do and why you're determined to do it this way?

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