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finding out the best way to bookmark links and websites - which tool do you use!?

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hello dear Freaks, good day, 


finding out the best way to bookmark links and websites - which tool do you use!?

Consider the following case-scenario: you sit in front of your notebook and you just stumbled across an exciting article you really want to read, unfortunatly you have no time at all at the moment; you have a bunch of work that need to be done before you can sit down and read it. What can you do?


- leave the text open in your browser. 
- email the the URL-link to yourself, but 
- use the toolset of your browser to bookmark the site... or ...- skip the text 

question: is there a more convenient and easy-to-read way. 

i have seen some of the following tools and toolsets

- Evernote Web Clipper
- Trello
- Bitly
- Pocket
- Pinterest

and besides the above mentioned i have had a quick view on Digg and Mix and even to Reddit

and others more. I would choose a easy to use one. 

Question: is there a google-tool also available. 

At the moment i use the bookmark tool in Chrome. 


which do you use!? 

look forward to hear from you 


regards, dil_bert 

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