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multiple where clauses in pdo

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i have pdo with select statement and trying to put 3 where clauses, why it is not working?


$conn = new PDO("mysql:host=$servername;dbname=timeclock", $username, $password);
			// set the PDO error mode to exception

					$res = $conn->query("SELECT oracleid
                         , name 
                         , des 
                         , clockingindate   as clockin
                         , clockingoutdate  as clockout
                         , timediff(clockingoutdate, clockingindate) as duration
                         , total
                    FROM attendance_records
                         JOIN (
                                SELECT oracleid
                                     , sec_to_time(sum(timestampdiff(SECOND, clockingindate, clockingoutdate))) as total
                                FROM attendance_records
								where isdone =-1
                                GROUP BY oracleid
                              ) tots USING (oracleid)
							  where isdone =-1, DATE(ClockingOutDate) >= $sdate1, DATE(ClockingOutDate) <= $edate1
                    ORDER BY oracleid, clockingindate

3rd line from last i have 3 clauses, please advise

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2 minutes ago, ramiwahdan said:

apart of where being in caps, the rest is ok with comma or I need for each to include where in caps?

Uppercase or lowercase does not matter.

Read the rest of the page. It tells you how to use a WHERE clause. Correctly.

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