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ReactPHP event loop with periodic timer blocking code after start

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I am using the ReactPHP event loop with periodic timer. The code works but the browser always shows that the activity is going on (the circle on the chrome tab is always running, refer the link to image below) and it runs only once.

Is it possible to get rid of the running circle and still the periodic loop should run in loop at given intervals to execute the code within the loop. Please advise.

Circle on the tab

Below is my code,

Note: **getAll($temp) is a function with parameter in another .php file. I have got the file as include in my current .php file.


$Loop=React\EventLoop\Factory::create(); $Loop->addPeriodicTimer(5, function(React\EventLoop\TimerInterface $timer) use(&$temp, $Loop, &$Total)



$Total = getAll($temp);


}catch (Exception $e){

echo "Error in Loop"; throw $e;



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If you want to send something to the browser then there must be a connection open. Which is what the spinning circle is telling you.

If you don't want the spinning circle then you need to keep the open connection over something like AJAX or a WebSocket. Which is a different (but better) design than what you have right now.

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