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Ascii code breaking in_array

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Hello everyone,

I am trying to see if a term, sent from a form, is in an array that has been pulled from the database.

The problem I am having is that while the terms look the same the one from the database is using an Ascii character for a forward slash. & # 047 ;

I have tried adding the Ascii to the form value but it just rendered as a forward slash (no surprises there I suppose)

So the main reason for asking is that for all the other items in the form I can use in_array. This keeps things really tidy and easy to use.

Any ideas how I can still use in_array and get around the Ascii problem?



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You don't show any code or error. Is the slash stored in the database as the string '&#047' or as '/'? If you are using regex as the search string you need to escape the slash (i.e. \/).

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