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Replace with regular expression

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Hi All,

I have a number of buttons that when clicked, add their id to a hidden input with a comma.

I would like the ability to click another button and remove its id from this input.

I have the following that works well

function removeTaggedPeople(){
		var e = event.target
		var tagButton = $(e);
		var taggedPerson = $(e).data('id')

		var orig = $('#peopleLinkedToArticle').val()
		var t = new RegExp(taggedPerson, 'g')
		var newval = orig.replace(t,'')

The issue is that if i have the id "1" and the id "11" in the input and i click the button with id "1" it will remove every instance of the number 1 in the string.  I would like it to only remove "1"

Im not sure if you need a little more to go on here but thats my predicament.

Thanks in advance

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If you're doing it all in JavaScript, store the values as an array then stringify the array when the form is submitted (assuming you're doing a full page refresh on submit; if you're using AJAX just send the array).

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