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VB Array issue ,looking for some help

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Working on a media player for my website that users can download and listen to without needing to install 3rd party media player.  I am having a problem pulling and showing the information from the array.

Dim tags As String() = Bass.BASS_ChannelGetTagsMETA(stream)
        If tags Is Nothing Then
            ' try http...
            tags = Bass.BASS_ChannelGetTagsHTTP(stream)
        End If
        If Not (tags Is Nothing) Then
            Dim tag As String
            For Each tag In tags
            Next tag
        End If

This is an example of what is being pulled and shown in console:


StreamTitle='Judy Garland - Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas';StreamUrl='&artist=Judy%20Garland&title=Have%20Yourself%20A%20Merry%20Little%20Christmas& album=100%20Classic%20Christmas%20Songs&duration=164754&songtype=S&overlay=NO&buycd=&website=&pictur e=az_99_100%20Classic%20Christmas%20Songs_Judy%20Garland.jpg';

Information I am trying to pull is StreamTitle, Artist and Title.

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Something like this:

StreamTitle='Franke Carle - Little Jack Frost Get Lost';StreamUrl='&artist=Franke%20Carle&title=Little%20Jack%20Frost%20Get%20Lost&album=100%20Classic%20Christmas%20Songs&duration=164937&songtype=S&overlay=NO&buycd=&website=&picture=az_80_100%20Classic%20Christmas%20Songs_Franke%20Carle.jpg';


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What about that? If you're responding to my thing about apostrophes, I don't see any in there. Besides the ones used around the StreamTitle and StreamUrl values.

I meant a title with an apostrophe in the value, like... maybe "Frankie Carle - Ridin' High, Vocalion".

On that note, the guy's name is apparently Frankie Carle.

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Sorry wrong one...lol.  Been playing with a few.

StreamTitle='Nat 'King' Cole - The Christmas Song';StreamUrl='&artist=Nat%20'King'%20Cole&title=The%20Christmas%20Song&album=100%20Classic%20Christmas%20Songs&duration=192601&songtype=S&overlay=NO&buycd=&website=&picture=az_2_100%20Classic%20Christmas%20Songs_Nat%20'King'%20Cole.jpg';


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Ugh. That's really not that great.

So the "stuff up until the next single quote" I said won't work because it'll stop just before "King". Only other option is to match anything, but be "ungreedy" about it: meaning to match as little as possible so that the regular expression can keep going. Immediately after that comes the closing apostrophe, then letters and an equals sign. That last part won't match when it hits "King", so the engine will go back and match Nat + King. Then it won't match again with Cole, so it'll finally go all the way through "Song" at which point everything will work.

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