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Odd behavior when logging in

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When I login with my email and password, I get told one doesn't match.  However, when I click on 'forgot password' to try to remedy the problem, I am logged in.  This happens very time I log in.  

I decided to try to fix this by changing my password, but when I try to do this, it asks for a verification and I have no idea where to get a verification.

Any ideas about what Might be going on.

I very much enjoy and appreciate PHPFreaks and don't want to end up getting locked out at some point.


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This sounds rather unusual. Are you sure that's how it goes? You are definitely logged out because if you refresh the page you are indeed logged out, you click the Sign In at the top right and get the popup, you enter your information, it says the username/password is wrong, you refresh the page, and you're logged in? You followed those exact steps?

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Really not sure what's going on. I'm inclined to think there's something going on with your browser, like it's remembering something inconsistently (I don't see any recent logins with your account so you've been logged in the whole time), but it could be possible there's some odd bug with IP.Board regarding... something.

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