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I think that's the only time I've seen that behaviour. I usually look at the notifications but then go to the activity (condensed) list and go to the topic from there. That way I can see if they've been responded to already or not.

On that occasion the notified topic wasn't there - normally they are there pretty much straight away.


3 minutes ago, requinix said:

I mean which page (with the information) are you on? Like there's an Activity tab at the top of the page which has "streams" like unread content or stuff I've commented in

The heading at the top is "All Activity"


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i also noticed this on the all activity tab. i just switched to the expanded content, given how ridiculous this forum software is. this change occurred some time ago. 

it appears like it only shows the last post in any thread in the condensed mode, rather than displaying each post as condensed, which is how it worked previously.

edit: if posts are made to the forum while you are busy writing a reply, not in the thread you are replying in, and you click on the x posts have been made ... click to view them, when you are in condensed mode, the new posts are all shown, even multiple ones in the same thread, and they are shown in the expanded mode, while all the older posts are still shown in the condensed mode.

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